Value.JS℠ Overview

The kernel has been supplemented with two highly secure integration tools, called value.js. These tools increase security and speed up integrations in a turnkey fashion. We categorize value.js into two distinct services, SecureForm
℠ and SecureField
℠. Both services work with the belief that sensitive payment information needs to be secured in the browser. Both services work to tokenize sensative data BEFORE it ever reaches your servers. At the same time, through the kernel API, you have all of the tools necessary to utilize this data however your programming logic requires.




The simple and secure way to gather sensitive data online. This method can be used alone, or in conjunction with the kernel. Utilize our payment forms for maximum security and built in form validations.

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Used when you want to build your own custom forms and validations, but desire to tokenize sensitive data in specific form fields. This method is incredibly powerful and simple to use. Secure form fields fast!

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